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Wishes Do Come True.pdf Wishes Do Come True.pdf
Size : 373.246 Kb
Type : pdf

 ~ Western Romance ~

Ross doesn't want to make a fool of himself, but decides to take the risk one more time for the woman he wants.

Anna is practical and independent, and believes she can never marry a man like Ross.

Will Anna send him away once again?

Will Ross take no for an answer?

PbRJV-LW-Last Assignment-free download.pdf PbRJV-LW-Last Assignment-free download.pdf
Size : 288.667 Kb
Type : pdf

~ Police Drama ~

"My name is Dallas Lowe, and the life of a law enforcement officer is never easy, but it is rewarding. Then receiving our gold detective shields and working together fulfills a childhood dream for me and my best friend Brian.

We live on top of the world – until the day comes all policemen dread – the day when things go wrong and someone has to die."


PbRJV_CY_Merry Christmas Victoria-Free.pdf PbRJV_CY_Merry Christmas Victoria-Free.pdf
Size : 348.658 Kb
Type : pdf

 ~ Christmas Western Romance ~

Victoria yearns for the love of one special man. However, Cade Hollister treats her as a friend. As she works in her cold dress shop on Christmas Eve, he stops by and walks her home. At the door, he gives her an unexpected kiss.

Cade has loved Victoria for a long time, but he's never found a way to tell her. This Christmas, though, he takes a chance. Will his surprise gift make her understand how much he loves her?


 ~ Horror/Thriller ~

Find out what happens when an Irish con man and trickster comes up against the greatest con man and liar of all --

Satan himself...

Size : 252 Kb
Type : pdf
LS-Winner Take All-promo copy.pdf LS-Winner Take All-promo copy.pdf
Size : 326.611 Kb
Type : pdf

~ Speculative Fiction ~

Billy Ray Warren returns to claim the old family homestead, but first he'll have to destroy the intruder who's taken over. He comes armed, ready to battle his hated rival for possession of what is rightfully his.

Then an accident leaves him a helpless prey for his ruthless enemy. With grim determination he fights for his life, knowing there can only be one winner.


CY_TheCattlemensBall_free version.pdf CY_TheCattlemensBall_free version.pdf
Size : 230.938 Kb
Type : pdf

~ Western Historical Romance ~

He waited a few seconds to determine if she had an escort. Since she stood with other females, he reckoned they were all single and available. Carefully, he placed his glass on a table and took long strides across the room straight toward her.
Amazingly, she had looked across just as he took the first step. Their gazes locked and remained so until he stood directly in front of her. 

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