Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in our submissions process.

As an Independent Publisher, we offer higher than average royalties for both ebook and print sales, but we do not pay an advance. In exchange, we expect...


...good attitudes, and cooperation from our authors. Please read the following guidelines carefully and do your homework by looking over our sites, check our listings at distributors, and ask authors about us. Do not expect us to operate as a traditional publisher or an e-publisher you may have dealt with before. Be prepared to provide input if you submit to us, but also to accept our restrictions as this is not self-publication.

Please DO NOT submit material for which you do not currently hold the "right" to publish. 

We do accept and publish some manuscripts which are "out of publication" or were "previously" published. These are decided on a case-by-case basis.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish any story or manuscript which is intentionally offensive, promotes terrorism or extreme violence, or is anti-American or anti-Christian. 

What We Will Consider:

Traditional Romance (M/F) (Sexual scenes are accepted if tastefully presented and an integral part of the story)

Mainstream Fiction

Women's Fiction

Selected Non-Fiction


Biographies, Auto-Biographies



True Detective 

Mild Horror, Paranormal, Speculative Fiction

Young Adult, Children's Stories

Selected Poetry

Limited Cookbooks

What We DO NOT Publish: 

We prefer to leave certain topics to publishers and authors who excel in those fields (such as sexual specialties and erotica).

Therefore, we WILL NOT ACCEPT the following:

Non-traditional Romance - No GLBDSM

Graphic Non-consensual Sexual Acts (If rape must be included in a Suspense or Historical, it must be presented in a non-graphic manner)

Graphically Explicit Sexual Scenes for Titillation

Vulgar Language,  Curses Not Vital to the Story

Horror with Graphic Gore (Bloody is acceptable, but not continuous "descriptive" hacking) 

Coffee-Table Books, Picture Books


How-To Manuals

Get Rich Quick Schemes


Submission Specifics:

Please send a query which includes author name; website or blog link (if available); genre, content rating (Adult, General, Young Adult) and length of story (word count, please); and a brief description of the manuscript (should be no longer than 2 0r 3 paragraphs).

DO NOT submit your manuscript or any attachments unless requested.

Send query to our Acquisitions department:

If a manuscript is then requested:

Please submit only a complete, SUBMISSION READY (click for details) manuscript as an attachment.

Read over the Sample Contract you receive and seek legal advice if you feel it necessary. Also make a list of any questions or areas which need clarification in the event you are offered publication.

Notify us if you wish to withdraw your work from consideration.  

If you have a question about something not addressed here, please email before submitting.

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Short Story (1,000 - 20,000 words)

Novella (20,001 - 50,000 words)

Novel (50,001 -100,000 words):

Average novel length is about 70k.

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